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Welcome to the Primary & Secondary Community Forum!

The Primary & Secondary community forum is a place for Zoom users to collaborate, seek support, and exchange knowledge in their success of using Zoom within the primary & secondary education industry.

Recent Activity

Problem screen-sharing Microsoft Word document

I am a volunteer English tutor working with adult learners over Zoom. Today, when I was screen-sharing a Word document, the document/program suddenly started jumping around -- with rapid, jerky up-and-down movement, as well as side-to-side movement i...

Nate password reset email.

Even if you set the Nate Mail reception allowance setting, you cannot reset the password because the Nate Mail does not come. It is said that you can log in only by entering the security code due to five errors in the Nate account password, but there...

sosaki by Listener
  • 2 replies

Students' zoom window sharing

I need to see how my students are using zoom on their screen. So I want them to share their screen. But this way does not show the zoom's window : and it is precisely what I want to see. What is the solution ? Thanks for your help.

Siloe by Listener
  • 1 replies


Is a specific membership on zoom required to connect zoom to third part site like Callendly? I'm having trouble connecting the two. Its telling me to talk to account management

Important Guest Reporting Changes starting March 2022

Starting March 1, 2022, you may notice some changes in the way you can report on your meetings and webinars. Zoom will remove email addresses for users flagged as guests from Account Reports, Dashboards, and Zoom REST APIs unless they meet certain co...

Bri by Zoom Moderator
  • 0 replies

Screen sharing blocked - button in green light

Hi there, I changed laptops and now my Zoom account claims that my meetings will not be allowed to use the share screen function. The Screen Sharing button is green and offers nothing when I click on it. HELP!!!! I do pay for this service quite a bit...

MC65 by Listener
  • 2 replies