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40-minute limit removal - April 2022 update

To address global efforts in support of primary and secondary (K-12) education during the pandemic, Zoom temporarily lifted the 40-minute time limit. This program is now definitively concluding on June 30, 2022, as most students have returned to in-p...

Johann by Observer
  • 0 replies

Lift of 40 min limit is not applied correctly

Hi, I have a strange situation going on about 40 min limit. When I open my account page on browser(Chrome), I can see the banner at the top stating"Important Notice: In support of education and due to the ongoing pandemic, Zoom will continue to lift ...

Playing a sound file

So when I play a sound file I can hear it but the person at the other end of the zoom can't, My laptop is editing out the sound presumably to avoid feedback etc.Can anyone tell me what I need to do the enable my soundfiles to be heard?Thanks

hb2 by Observer
  • 2 replies

Missing Options for Breakout Rooms

Hi Everyone! So, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this... I'm an instructor and I was hoping my students would be in specific groups for the whole term. I randomly generated them and then made pre-assigned breakout rooms with 5-6 particip...

sfayad by Observer
  • 2 replies

Changing your permanent contacts display names

Hello, As an educator, I have multiple permanent students as contacts. They write whatever they want in the profile which makes it really hard for me sometimes to locate them and to remember what it is that they are learning with me. On Skype, I can ...

Zoom dengan Akun

Salam.Apakah jika saya menggunakan zoom dengan akun gmail dari pemerintah indonesia yang dikhususkan untuk pendidikan bisa menggunakan zoom lebih dari 40 menit?Mengapa program zoom untuk pendidikan yang terkena dampak covid-19 sekarang sud...

Cannot start a meeting

My colleague has started and completed a meeting yesterday. After, He cannot open the zoom meeting again. Attached please find the video about the situation we have encountered. Would anyone suggest any action we can perform to solve this problem?

CYY by Observer
  • 3 replies
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