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Welcome to the Primary & Secondary Community Forum!

The Primary & Secondary community forum is a place for Zoom users to collaborate, seek support, and exchange knowledge in their success of using Zoom within the primary & secondary education industry.

Recent Activity

Resolved! Educator Zoom Meetings

I created a Zoom account as an Educator because I will be teaching students ages 12-18 accounting, budgeting, business accounting, etc. I am still being shown that my Zoom Meetings can only be 40min long, even as an educator. Do educators not receive...

Sound issues at vocal and piano studio

Hi allI run a virtual music studio as part of my business. Lately I am having issues with sound coming through from my students. I can not hear them sing or play, but can hear every back ground noise in their space. I have the musician settings turne...

annotation using ipads

I can't get my zoom to allow annotations when screen sharing from an ipad, since all the students in my school use ipads this is a big problem. Any way to share screen ipad to ipad and write on each others screen without using whiteboard, want to wri...

andrew3 by Listener
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Original Audio Issue

When using original Audio on my iPad or external microphone a hissing noise is now present. I have used zoom for two years without any of these issues. I am not sure why this recent update is making this happen. After viewing the discussion board mul...