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Welcome to the Primary & Secondary Community Forum!

The Primary & Secondary community forum is a place for Zoom users to collaborate, seek support, and exchange knowledge in their success of using Zoom within the primary & secondary education industry.

Recent Activity

Authenticating Zoom on Other Computers

Hello, I reguairly use zoom on different computers. It always asks me for authentication code that it will send to my phone or email. Honestly, it is kind of a pain. Is there anyway I can disable this or get around having to type in the code it wants...

Bear66 by Listener
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hosting a meeting

I am a member of a recurring meeting which another person i. I don'ts the permannent host. I wish to replace that person as permanent host. I don't know how to do it.

Desktop Audio non functional

Zoom room functions in all ways EXCEPT it will not transfer the audio from a shared application like a Power Point. So presentation goes along just fine but when the Power Point has sound from say a group of sea lions it will not transfer to the othe...

Zoom logging me out of website

I am in logged in my zoom account with google. I am logged in my zoom desktop app and when I open it, click on my icon and click on "My Profile" Chrome is opened on zoom website log in page, so I have to log in again. It happens even if I was previou...

Accidentally clicked Educator Account

I'm trying to set up a Zoom account for my work email that works with kids, but it is not in an educational context. I accidentally clicked the Educator Account and now I cannot create the account without being prompted to enter Educator Information ...

Resolved! website with zoom integration

Has anyone tried to integrate the zoom with the website so you can allow your users to participate in meetings and join the discussion? Is it possible to do that?I want to have this for my website headphonebeast.comPlease, if you can suggest me a bet...

zoom admin.

I want to generate a generic email and password to be accessed by any member of my executive from their home computers. Is the account I generate at my own computer IP address specific or can it be accessed by another member if shared.

Chris54 by Listener
  • 1 replies

accidentally clicked education account

Hello, I want to use new email to create new zoom account as a student, but I accidently press "education account" for my new account. Now I can not fill in those education information, such as name of organisation, country, etc. So I can not sign up...