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Welcome to the Primary & Secondary Community Forum!

The Primary & Secondary community forum is a place for Zoom users to collaborate, seek support, and exchange knowledge in their success of using Zoom within the primary & secondary education industry.

Recent Activity

Raise Your “Hand”

During a zoom class, you will have questions for the instructor or comments to make in a class discussion.There are a few ways to get the teacher’s attention if you have a question or a comment by using “participants” and “chat” features:

Zoom Not Working with ManyCam

Yesterday my camera would not work through ManyCam. A black screen appeared where my picture should have been displayed. I'm a basic user, using Zoom for teaching students around the world. I create my lessons in ManyCam and need to be able to use th...

Accidentally Clicked Educator Account

Hi!I was looking to sign in to Zoom, but clicked the educator account at the bottom out of curiosity. I am now unable to sign in without being prompted to enter educator settings. Is there any way to disable this so I can just have a regular Zoom acc...

Email Sign-in Has Been Disabled

We are getting the message "Email Sign-in Has Been Disabled" when we try to host a meeting. We are able to schedule and invite others to a meeting, we are able to login to our account, but when we try to start the scheduled meeting (or just impromptu...

40 Min Time Limit

I first want to thank Zoom for providing their services to educators during the switch to a more digital platform. The one of the good things the Pandemic has brought to schools is the technology. I have always been more inclined to use technology in...

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Dear Teachers, Our Education team here at Zoom wants to take this opportunity on Teacher Appreciation Week to thank you for your heroic work to educate the students of the world. You deserve more than just a week of appreciation, but we hope that the...

DF110 by Community Champion
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