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Email Sign-in Has Been Disabled


We are getting the message "Email Sign-in Has Been Disabled" when we try to host a meeting. We are able to schedule and invite others to a meeting, we are able to login to our account, but when we try to start the scheduled meeting (or just impromptu host a meeting) we get the error message.
We have no notifications from Zoom about an issue with our email.

We are using a private gmail account to host.

We can't seem to find any information online about this issue.

We have tried on multiple PCs with the same result, and a coworker tried with her personal Zoom account and had the same issue.

We checked with our IT and they didn't seem to think the issue was on their end


Can anyone help? We are using Zoom to teach virtual programs with schools- frustrating and disappointing when we have to cancel


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


Thank you for posting your above concern. Frustrating at best.. Please copy and paste your concern above into our meetings chat under the products tab. Someone there will be able to respond. also, you may reach out to support as well : here is a support doc that covers your experience with options to reach out.


Pat La Morte
Global EDU Solutions LeadZoom Video Communications


Hello, as an admin of a Zoom license, I have disabled most of my students ways of logging in, including email, so I can say from the technical standpoint, there are settings your IT have with regards to your Zoom Account.


If however this is just for meetings, then please check that the meeting is not set for "authenticated users only"