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Block students from creating zoom session


We have some 7th grade students that are creating their own zoom session with their school Google account and inviting other students in their grade.  They are doing this on a school-owned chromebook.  Is there a way to stop or block this from happening?  Thank you!


Zoom Moderator

Hi @larment ,


Thank you for visiting the Zoom Community to seek support! While this may not be an exact same scenario, I encourage you to review this similar post, Prevent Student to Student Meetings . The reply added to that post may be your answer.




Community Champion

Hi @larment,


The best way to prevent this is to manage your domain for students' Google accounts. Take a look at this document for help on setting this up - Getting started with Associated Domains.


One other thing to consider is to set up External Authentication where students will have to authenticate via Google to join Zoom meetings. The first step is setting up Associated Domains mentioned above.