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zoom phone is inactive


hi I have same problem too. I use one phone number when I add another number with another user in first 10 minutes both phones work after 10 minutes both not work and in topic write text like in picture. "Your Account is inactive, please contact admin." I go admin panel Zoom everything is ok status active. I assigned 2 and 3 days. I wait and think its it maybe Zoom issue but still not working . I can't connect with number zoom support to solve the problem. Please what should I do what I do wrong . When I research in google there say two things "The admin may need to assign a Zoom Phone license or calling plan." but its ok I check many times... so what should I do. I need someone to help.

In picture last call been Aug 20




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Kevin11 , Yes, as long as the meeting and Zoom phone account does not go inactive. And the necessary Zoom Phone license is assigned. It should not suddenly go into inactive state unless it was specifically changed by any of your admins. 

I suggest that you open up a support ticket via this link If in case it happens, this is to ensure that this issue/concern is looked at within your Zoom account.

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Is the Zoom User account (not the Zoom Phone user extension) showing as Active state rather than Inactive? On our setup, we have found that some users become marked as Inactive Zoom users which disables their Zoom Phone user extension.

We believe this is some issue with our AD->Zoom account automation, but haven't investigated too much yet. If you are not using any kind of integration with your corporate AD or something else external, then this would not be your issue most likely/

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Kevin11 Seems like your SDP ( Azure or ADFS) is making the user inactive. Check under User management -> Users to ensure the user is active. Thats required for Zoom phone to work


Hope that helps