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trouble setting up Zoom phone


I have ordered a zoom phone, and ported my number from goole voice.  When I set it up originally, I had set it up as an administrator account, not a direct account.  I was never able to add sms.  I unbundled the phone number and now have no working phone, no sms and no clear way to add it back in.  I am hoping someone can advise me as the self help options have no


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi ellenesk,


One.  See if the google voice ported number is an unassigned number in your account.

Go to admin->phone system management->phone numbers->unassigned




two.  Your google voice ported number may be in unassigned.  If not, you should open a support ticket with zoom.  You can assign this number to your extension.


three.  If you do not mind getting a new number, you can choose Add and select a new number.  You can then assign the new number to your extension.


Four.  As to sms, you need to follow the support article below.


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thanks,  eliot