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is zoom phone reliable


please i will like to know if the zoom phone is reliable and if anyone has used it for more than a year just got it and it got disabled not sure if i can get another one but want to be sure if its reliable. i think i might be disabled maybe because i changed my picture on my status or maybe because i have logged in on 2 diferrent phone but it signed out while i log in on a other phone. zoom didnt give any reason for disabling my account. i will be glad if i could see anyone who have used the service for over a year as changing numbers might spoil the reputation of the company.



Hi basiri,

I've used Zoom phone for about a year and it's been pretty reliable so far and I haven't had any issues with it. If your account was disabled, I would recommend contacting Zoom support directly to see if they have a reason why your phone was disabled. Here is the link to the support page: and then you can click on the chat icon at the bottom right to start a support chat.