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Phone System
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What is the Zoom Phone System?

Zoom's enterprise phone software is the scalable cloud phone solution for businesses of all sizes. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the Phone System conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Phone support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Subscription Issue

Hello everyone . I was trying to contact a person from the zoom costumer service for a really big deal issue. Because I payed a PRO plan in zoom on May 21,2021 and it will expires on March 20, 2022. Then the problem is my subscription turns to BASIC....

Need help

Greetings.. We have trail meeting on zoom yesterday as free user.i am in need of that meet recordings and further payment membership details too.thank one and all in advance

Zoom Phone Option

Hi, I can't seem to download the calls I had as for today only. Not sure what settings I need to change or alter. Help!

Zdeita by Listener
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Can't send SMS (but can receive)

Hi just started a zoom phone plan. I've setup my account and followed the instructions on https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360054155112-Using-SMS and https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360054631031, however I can only receive texts an...

Resolved! Can NOT make nor receive Zoom phone calls

Hi All, I am new to Zoom Phone and must say am not enjoying the experience! I recently purchased an Australia and New Zealand Unlimited Plan, but have not been able to make any calls. Each time I have tried, I receive the following message "Sorry...t...

KayGee by Listener
  • 13 replies

Ascolto e registrazione

Buongiornovolevo sapere se Zoom permetteva di trasmettere durante una conferenza un file audio e nello stesso tempo di poter parlare senza che si sentisse nella conferenza. grazie Antonio

Daylight Savings Time

Where do I setup DST for the phone system. We are GMT-6 but the phone system chose GMT-5 since that's our current time zone because of DST. In Nov we go back to GMT-6. Is this automatic? Thanks

capden by Listener
  • 1 replies

Mute incoming ringtone

Zoom...Please allow us to abiliuty to Mute incoming ringer while in meeting and calls. Would still like to see popup if possible. Its very disctracting to have ringing in headphones while in conversation. Another improvement would be to just mute rin...

Dial in details

Hi, my meeting invite is showing dial in details for cities in the US. How do I get dial in number for Australia so participants can dial in?

SusanC1 by Listener
  • 3 replies

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