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app error for setting phone number


Hello ,,🤗

I have a problem about setting my phone number at zoom app.

I want to set my phone number at zoom app.

(I could set my cell phone number on computer zoom)

My phone model is iPhone mini 12.

I've done everything I can.

But it didn't get better, so I left the ZOOM account once and re-joined.

Please help me ,,😢


Check out the attached 3 pictures.


1 - picture

I entered my personal contact number except for the first digit 0.

After that, I entered the text in the security check order.

2 - picture

As a result, I received a message "Phone number registration failed. Please try again.".


3 - picture

And I even tried entering the sound code next to the security code.

But the result was the same. "Phone number registration failed. Please try again."



그림3.png    그림2.png    그림4.png


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi gogumajoa,


have you tried using 010 instead of 10? you are probably correct as to the format.  my number starts with +1 for usa.


have you put your telephone number as one of your iphone contacts for phone contacts matching?










thanks,  eliot

I have tried that and still not doing it for me. 
I have iPhone 11.