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Zoom wifi telephone


I work in the Telecoms department of a large company and we are replacing our Cisco telephone system with Zoom.

Do you know if there are any plans to develop  a wifi telephone for Zoom.  

At the moment we are getting round this by using the Zoom app on a mobile phone. However these phones have to be signed into by the users.

It would be great if we could have a wifi device we could configure as a Common Area Phone.



Several of the Yealink and Poly desk phones certified to work with Zoom Phone can function over WiFi and could be used as Common Area Phones.


Some of them are listed on the Hardware as a Service page:


I hope this helps!



Hello Craig,


thank you for the reply.


Unfortunately we need the devices to be portable and all the common area phones i have seen need some kind of external power.





Hi Vince,


You're welcome! The DECT phones wouldn't give you the range that you need?




Community Champion

There are two options for you on portable phones.  You can look at the Poly Rove multi-cell DECT units and DECT repeaters.  Depending on the are attempting to cover, this may be a good option for you to leverage.  If you want a truly WiFi/802.1x phone, Spectralink Versity 9x phones are Android-based devices that work on WiFi and are approved as generic SIP devices.  Please note that there is very limited support from Zoom for generic SIP devices.

Phone Certified Hardware KB

Spectralink 9x WiFi Phones
Poly Rove DECT Phones


Thank you for the information . Can these bee set up as Common Area phones. We have been issuing Samsung android devices but we're not able to them up as Common Area phones.


Do you know if Zoom are looking at developing a wifi solution?

Community Champion

Zoom does not currently support the Android mobile devices as a Common Area Phone.  Would you please use the Feedback link found here to request the specific device type as a Common Area Phone device?  This type of feedback helps Zoom prioritize upgrades and feature enhancements.


Thank you!



We have a similar issue but are only beginning our Zoom phone migration.  I'm not sure how well the DECT phones meet US E911 requirements.  One of the nice things about Zoom phone was it's ability to meet the Nomadic E911 requirements.  
Does anyone know if this is possible with the DECT systems?


If the DECT phones that you have are SIP endpoints within Zoom Phone, they will be tied to the location of the base unit which should be within 300 feet of that base unit.  If you have one of the new multi-cell DECT units, I have not configured one of those to determine if the BSSID of the repeaters are captured or not.  I would think that it is but I cannot confirm for certain.




We're going to try out the Spectralink WiFi models.  Zoom has confirmed support.

Hi Doug


Great!! I would be interested how you get on with them.