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Zoom phone user with two unlimited domestic calling plan and two numbers from different countries


Our current plans are US/Canada Unlimited Calling, UK/Ireland Unlimited Calling, and a Pay As You Go Plan.

I have a US based user requesting to have both the US and UK unlimited calling plan. Can that user be assigned both plans and numbers from each respective country and conduct phones calls as if they're originating in each domestic market and not be charged under the Pay As You Go Plan.



That is an interesting question I have never seen before. I don't think you need the "Pay as You Go Plan" if you already have US/CA and UK/Ireland Unlimited. If you keep just the "US/CA Unlimited" and replace the "UK/Ireland Unlimited" for the "International  Calling Add-On" you will obtain Unlimited calling in 12+ Countries including the two you are looking for (see below). You can add additional country numbers as needed beyond the two countries you need. The price should be about the same with additional advantages and country to dial "unlimited".
I suggest to open a case with Zoom, or even better, talk to your account executive if you have one, and you will get the best advise for your situation because it might be not be the same in every country, etc.

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