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Zoom phone connection issues


My Zoom app is partially working. The video is working fine, but the phone app disconnects after a random time. I use the phone on a Windows laptop. Sometimes it will be connected for 30 minutes, Sometimes it will be connected for 2 hours. After a set time period, it will give me an error of "Not connected". I restart the computer. It fixes the issue for a random time period. I restart the router/modem, if fixes the issue only to be disconnected at some random time interval. I shut down the app completely with the task manager. It fixes the issue only to disconnect some random time period again. 


The video feature doesn't have the same issue. It is only the phone. The phone will also disconnect mid-conversation. How do I fix this?


The firewall settings work for Google and Microsoft. Also on a different windows laptop.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi phillycache2017,


try run cleanzoom to remove zoom completely and install current windows client 5.16.1.


also check your modem, router and firewall to be sure that they are up to date. 


zoom requires various ports to be open.  please see support article below.


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thanks,  eliot



Thank you for the suggestions. I will pass along the cleanzoom suggestion to the IT department as I don't have admin rights for my computer. As far as the firewall settings, I tested the same license on my personal computer and it works. I also have had 2 different licenses on the same firewall settings. They work on other devices, but not on my work computer. I'm assuming it is my work computer, but I have to check all angles as to why it is not working for me.