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Zoom app 5.8.3 for Zoom Phone Appliance causes External Contacts to not show


The Zoom app update 5.8.3 for Zoom Phone Appliance stopped showing the External Contacts on Yealink Zoom Phone Appliance VP59 devices (HaaS). These contacts were setup on the Zoom portal under Phone System Management > Company Info > Account Settings > External Contacts and appeared correctly under version 5.8.0.



I'm   Interested




Do they appear under "All Contacts" >> "Imported Contacts"? This is where they seem to have moved on the Windows App at least.




They do appear in Imported on the Mac desktop and iOS apps, however there isn't an Imported group in Contacts on the Zoom Phone Appliance version. They don't show anywhere.

Unfortunately, I do not have a Zoom phone appliance to work with only a generic Yealink T54W desk phone.

I appreciate the thought, Chris! 

Community Champion

@FORE-Craig -ZPA 5.8.0 will show all contacts under People and no splitting . I guess the new enhancement on ZPA 5.8.3 will split the contacts similar to the desktop app.  As per the zoom support page, the backend server update planned 14th-Nov Release-notes-for-November-15-2021 ,  so some features might be depending on a backend server update.. better to wait for backend server release &  see if it works.

Thank you for that piece of information, @naveen ! We'll see, although it's hard for me to believe that they would still show up on the Mac desktop client under Imported, and not at all on the Android-based Zoom Phone Appliance app; I would imagine that the backend data server API is the same. 

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@FORE-Craig - Yeah it makes sense..  I manage to get the VP59 device and noticed the same, no "Imported Contacts".. when I search the External Contacts manually and it's showing...we need to submit a  Zoom support ticket.. 

Yes, as I suspected, the backend changes didn't change anything. 


I am the owner of our account for 5 Unlimited US/Canada Zoom Phone members, but we are not Pro on Zoom Meetings, so my support tickets get refused.