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Zoom Updates - Minimum Versions


Enterprise Folks...How often do you update your minimum versions...and do you stay bleeding edge (right up to date with release) or cutting edge (1 version back)  or back a few versions? 

How did you determine your schedule for this?

Do you run into any issues with staying current?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello Becky.

If you haven't done so yet, I recommend taking a look to Zoom's Software Lifecycle; you will notice they are not very aggressive with the minimum version:


How aggressive you want to be depends entirely on your internal policies, but especially, your users. I would recommend first going to your Zoom Dashboard > Usage Data and have a look how consistent your people keep the Zoom App updated.


Following Zoom's lead (quarterly) is not a bad idea (but maybe selecting one that is no more than 3-4 months old), always encouraging the users to create a habit of checking for updates at least monthly on their own via periodic notification.

The habit checking for updates has been our struggle, and the Tiny New Zoom Version Notification on the App seems to be almost imperceptible 😀