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Zoom Phone wont accept incoming calls


Hello, i recently got a Yealink W56H i got it set up to make outgoing calls but can't figure out how to receive calls. every time I call it, it tells me it can't be completed and hangs up. first time setting up an IP phone. any help would be appreciated.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

the yealink w56h is a handset which is used with w56p.  have you configured both?




the service provider that you are using to make the call to your zoom phone may be blocking calls to your zoom phone number.  sometimes this happens when a third party scammer has used or is using your zoom number to make robocalls or other scams.  it is also possible, the zoom phone is blocking calls from your non-zoom telephone number.  1.  you can try putting into your zoom phone contacts the non-zoom telephone number.  zoom will not block calls from someone in your zoom phone contacts.

2,  can you call the w56p zoom phone extension from another zoom phone extension?

3.  try calling your zoom telephone using a different service provider/carrier.

4.  you may have accidently enabled 'do not disturb (dnd)' on your phone.

5.  is the status of the w56p on-line?

5.  what do your zoom phone call logs show for calls to w56p?