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Zoom Calls Forwarded to Mobile - but caller still was able to leave a Zoom VM




We have a user that is set up so that all calls to their Zoom line forward to their private mobile number, and if no one picks up then the call disconnects. This is how it is designed to work.


However, a caller was recently able to leave a voicemail on their Zoom line. However, this should not be possible as the settings show that when caller is-

-busy it is set to- call waiting

-when call is not answered it is set to- disconnect.


Is there some keypad code to bypass the mobile forward and leave a VM on the Zoom line or some other bypass?


And is there a way to prevent this?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

I can't think of a way, but you might try calling this user yourself and pressing all the DTMF codes including # and * to see if anything happens.  It is possible Zoom is monitoring the call for key presses and may do that unintentionally.


If not that, I would dig into the call analytics and logs and see if you can find the call this happened on.  You may see something interesting or at least be able to provide that detail to Zoom support to investigate further.


Good luck.

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

And to be clear, you are sure the caller landed in Zoom voicemail and not the mobile phone voicemail, right?

Correct, yes it was the Zoom vm not their mobile vm.

Note Taker

Hi rwebber3,


My guess is your end user sent the person to voicemail on a call that was routed via call waiting.

"Call waiting: Receive the call even if you are busy on another call. You can answer by holding/declining the first call or sending the waiting call to voicemail."

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Thanks for the info, I did check this and the call that went to the zoom vm was the users first call of the day. The "Result" listed the call as "No Answer".