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Yealink VP59 Zoom Phone Appliance Issues

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



We recently converted to Zoom Phone. We acquired two Yealink VP59 Zoom Phone Appliance hardphones through Zoom's HaaS.


We have discovered the following issues about the resident Zoom app on these devices:


  • The physical # hard key does not send the the call as it does on other Yealink devices, so you can't just dial using the physical keypad, you need to tap the touch screen handset icon 📞;
  • There is no option to Park a call;
  • Calls parked from your own line on the desktop or iOS app do not show up under Lines, like they do in the Zoom app for those devices;
  • Linked Google account contacts do not show up in Contacts, like they do on the Mac desktop app; however today's calendar events DO show up on the Home tab;
  • Speed Dial internal users who have desk phones appear as Offline if they are not signed into the desktop soft phone or mobile app. The same is also true in the Contacts list;
  • External Users phone numbers set up under Phone System Management > Company Info > External Contacts show up in Contacts as Offline with a meetings icon 🎥, but no phone icon 📞 - which doesn't make much sense. It would be interesting to be able to specify home, work, mobile numbers for a contact, and have applicable icons appear.
  • Users' mobile numbers set up under their profiles do not show up anywhere in the app.
  • Since the VP59 is considered as a Zoom Application (not as a Desk Phone), there is no provision for establishing preferences for Call Handling priorities. For example, I would like the VP59 to be my primary phone device that rings as part of the Call Queue, direct, or as an extension but my iOS Zoom app would ring if I don't pick up a direct call or extension call to the VP59. If I leave the Zoom app open on my desktop, I don't want it to ring at all because I use it primarily for meetings. 
  • Although not specific to the VP59, it would be great to be able to Click to Dial on my computer in an internet browser, email, address book, etc or from contacts in the soft phone app, and have the call initiated on my VP59 or other model desk phone. 

I know that the last two bullet items were eluded to in one of the sessions during Zoomtopia as potential future features.


Any thoughts? Does anyone else have any advice about using the Yealink or Poly Zoom Phone Appliances?







Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It May not solve all your problems, but here is a guide that should help with call handling. It tells you how to convert to a phone device vs the app.

Yealink VP59 Quick Convert--

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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Thank you, Chris! 😊 


They did come up as Devices (not phones) correctly when connected to our network initially, and then the first step that I performed with Zoom support was the steps in the first article that you listed. It appears that the problems are related to the version of the Zoom app running on the device. It is indeed the most current version available.