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Working Remotely - Cant make calls as my computer at the office doesnt have a mic attached


I work remotely with my personal laptop and am not able to make calls with Zoom, when I try to dial a number (via accessing my work system with a remote desktop program) an error pops up on Zoom saying "No available audio device.  Check if your devices are properly connected."  Given I don't have a microphone attached to my computer at the office, I need Zoom to connect the call which would then hopefully allow me to switch the call to my cell phone.  Is this possible or does not having a mic at the base computer at the office essentially block me from using Zoom?

We previously used Ring Central, I would click a number on my database, it would begin dialing on Ring Central (via my office computer), on the RC app on my cell phone it would have a pop up saying switch to this device.  I would click that and then I was able to take calls on my cell phone.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi Gareth,


The Zoom desktop app does require that you have a microphone (built-in, or an externally connected mic or headset with mic) in order to use Zoom Phone. You could install the Zoom app on your cell phone, sign in with the same account and use your cell phone to make and receive calls, both internal and external, through the Zoom app for your work number/extension. 


I hope that helps!