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Why are my Zoom calls not ringing?


My Zoom calls are not ringing, which is causing me to miss important meetings and communication with colleagues. I have checked my internet connection and it is running smoothly, so I know that is not the cause. I have also checked my Zoom settings in  , but I cannot seem to identify the problem. I am unsure why my Zoom calls are not ringing, and I am concerned that I may be missing out on important meetings and conversations.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Thomas23459 


Did your Zoom phone calls ring before ? Are you getting calls within business hours ( configured under call handling settings ) ? Is this happening during meetings only or all times.

Can you check if your call handling settings have the zoom app selected ? See this screenshot when you login to and make sure the Zoom App is selected ( not turned off ).



Lastly, Have you logged off the zoom app and logged in again ? 


Hope that helps.