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Using Zoom, the audio control/mute icon on cell phone switches from microphone to headset picture.

I attend Zoom meetings from a Moto g power cell phone. Sometimes I have problems with sound where I can barely hear. When that happens the usual microphone shaped audio icon has turned to a headset. What does it mean and how can I reset it to the original microphone icon.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @stanhilliard!

Here's the Zoom support article about which you may find useful Hope this helps.


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I don't remember how I solved this problem a year ago, but the problem has com back on my pixel 6 and my Amazon Fire tablet. Both are android. The Fire is new today and I am trying to install zoom on it.  The audio icon in the lower left corner of their screens is a headset picture instead of a mic. There is a red upwards-pointing arrow right in the middle of it , but there is no menu arrow on the right side of the icon, and no part of the icon reacts to touch. My desktop Windows 11 computer shows the audio icon as it normally does -- as a mic.

More information: I just noticed that on my desktop Windows 10 computer, when I start Zoom, the audio icon is a headset for about 1/4 second. Just a flash. Then it is replaced by the (correct) mic icon.