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Transfer call to users hold


We recently migrated to zoom and are discovering that we are missing some features that we had with our old system. With our previous system, our receptionist would transfer a call by doing a warm transfer but they would transfer the call to the end user's hold. This allowed the user to pickup the call when they were ready. Is there a way to enable this? I see that a call can be parked but that is more involved and requires that the user remember the park code.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @quegs 


I am familiar with that feature from a previous PBX system that I used. I believe that it is referred to as "Call Camping". It is similar to Call Park with the added benefit of it being tied to a specific extension/user, like adding someone on hold to another user's phone. A feature like that doesn't presently exist in Zoom Phone. It has come up several times as a question in this forum.


Zoom's Call Park feature doesn't allow you to choose a specific location when parking the call, and even if a Line Key is added for a desk phone to retrieve a parked call, there is no visible indicator that someone is parked in that slot.


I can't propose a really workable alternative solution with other existing features unfortunately. I highly encourage you to submit a Feature Request for it at 


I hope that helps!