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Tones dialed with Yealink VP59 Zoom Phone Appliances are not regularly recognized by IVR Systems


Tones dialed with our Yealink VP59 Zoom Phone Appliances (Keypad or App) are not regularly being recognized by IVR Systems. They are running Yealink VP59 with Zoom app 5.8.0 (293) and showing up-to-date on the Zoom Device List.



Hi @FORE-Craig 


Is this when dialing out into other people's IVRs, or internally within your own IVR. within the same Zoom Phone account?

Hi Rupert!


It is when dialing out into other people's systems. We can hear the tone(s) associated with the keys that we press, but it is as if the tone is not sent or heard by the other systems. It doesn't seem to make a difference if we are responding to the menu prompts with the VP59's hardphone keys, or the VP59's Zoom App display keys, nor with the speakerphone or handset. 


And is this just a problem from your Yealink VP59 Zoom Phone - or do you have other phones on Zoom Phone where this is NOT a problem?


Do you have access to the local config on the VP59?

Yes, the problem is only with our Yealink VP59 Zoom Phones running in Zoom Appliance mode. We also acquired a Yealink SIP-T58A and two Yealink SIP-T54Ws, and they tones are recognized as expected with them. 


Yes, I can access the local config on the VP59s via browser.