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Signal when phone transfer


Is there a way to activate a sound confirming the transfert is done when doing a warm transfer with  Zoom phone (either with the Client App or a physical phone)?



Hi Sophie,


No, there isn't an option for sounds confirmation an any of the transfer types. It would make a great enhancement though. I personally would love to have a confirmation tone.

Community Champion

Hello @Sophie_PL , 


There's somewhat a magical chime-like sound when you complete any type of transfer using a Client App whether it was a warm, blind or transfer to voicemail, and a visual notification will tell you that the transfer is completed and successful.


Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 12.06.30 AM.png


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Thank you and stay safe!

Hi Peter_Uy!

I've never heard that magical chime-like sound... but would love to!

I see the notification when I do the transfert but when someone else transfers me a call, there's no sound nor notification to tell me the transfert is done. So I just say Hello????, hoping someone is on the other end of the line... kind of weird. It would be a great improvement though.

Community Champion

@Sophie_PL ,


Sorry to have misunderstood your question, if you are the one transferring the call to another person, you as the "transferrer" you will hear that "magical chime-like" sound but as the receiver of a transferred call, that's a brilliant idea and could truly be a great enhancement.


Feel free  to submit your suggestions and feature request here.

Thank you!

I just submitted my suggestion... we'll wait and see.

BUT, I don't ear that  "magical chime-like" sound even when I am the "transferrer"... any idea why? Is that an option I should activate?

Community Champion

Hello @Sophie_PL ,

follow up question , were you using a desktop client when performing the transfer, and were you doing a warm, blind or transfer to voicemail?


Thank you!

I wish that we heard the magical 🌟chime-like sound on our desk phones! 😊