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Searching SMS Messages & Call Log


Good afternoon,


My company just recently switched from RingCentral to Zoom for our corporate phone lines. Currently, we cannot find a way to search SMS messages or search our Call Log.  This is detrimental to our job at Customer Service when dealing with dozens of different customers daily. Having to manually find the SMS messages and manually search the windows is taking up a large chunk of time.


Is there any workaround currently to have this implemented, or a way that we can have Zoom send us e-mails with the SMS messages in them and search our e-mails for the content of the SMS? Please help.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

An administrator in your Zoom account can access SMS logs by following instructions in this support article

Are there any solutions that don't include the Admin permissions in order to allow a user to search through all their personal SMS messages? We have users sending out hundreds of SMS messages a day to coordinate with drivers and they need to be able to search those messages for container numbers in order to make sure the work is getting done. Any help would be appreciated!

Unfortunately not.... we still have not found a workaround to this at my company, and I quite literally have to get an idea of the date & time of the item I'm looking for, then manually scroll to each individual text message around that date & time and hope I get lucky.

I'm really hoping that Zoom has something in the works to implement this feature. It would be one of the largest quality of life features they could give us access too. 

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner