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SMS Campaigns - Brand Errors for Canadian


Hello Zoom,

I have been trying to register my Company's Brand for the 10DLC and getting an error I can not get around. 


I double and triple-checked my info but kept getting an error saying "  Brand Creation not verified, Tax ID does not match with the company name or business type. "


Your form's closest option is "Construction, Materials, and Trade Services" from your Vertical type drop-down, and from my Ontario 


I logged onto Ontario's website to double-check my TaxID and business number.  


I am registered as "Plumbing, Heating and Air-condition contractors, "


I am entering the first 8 Digits only from my business number- that all that allows me to do.


Can someone direct me to the correct support person for this?   I called Zoom's customer support and they directed me to this forum....


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Please follow these steps to fix the issues:


Please ask for their ‘provincial corporation certificate’, Open a ticket and attach it to the ticket and have them escalate internally. 


If this response helps, please accept the answer as an accepted solution, so others can benefit as well.