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Question- Is there an ability to use zoom phone for people to call in for event?


Hi Zoom Community!


I am helping a family member who runs non-profit raise money for her cause. She is looking at streaming her event, which is not the problem, and of course, there will be an option to have patrons donate online. But she also wanted people to be able to call in and give testimonials on the show or donate over the phone as well for those who don't want to do it online (yes. there are people that do this..... 🙂 )   


Then, my friend who is looking at starting a live stream for his hobby asked me a similar thing, where he would be streaming and have callers call in to talk about the hobby. Mainly looking at a mechanism to manage the callers as they call in. 


What I was thinking.......


For My Cousin with the Fundraising Event - 

I realize this is a more complex solution than typical, but I wouldn't think it is out of possibility. 


I was initially thinking of setting up an IVR for the event with an event number, "PRESS 1" to make a donation....or "PRESS 2" if you would like to talk to the host and give a testimonial."


Then, using the "call queue" function, set up a bunch of volunteers using softphones and extensions for the donations.


For my friend with the live stream - 


He would use the phone line as an "audio input" into the audio mixer used for the stream, as would be cousin for her event so I'm thinking the functionality would be similar. 



Throwing around ideas, mainly, is this even possible with Zoom Phone?


Appreciate your help,