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Link two Zoom phone system companies


Hi there, Our company is currently going through a Demerger. With that our Zoom accounts are separate between the two divisions that our company is demerging. However, there are teams that still have not separated out between the two divisions. I'm wondering if, similar to our Zoom meetings account being linked between two companies, if it is possible to link two Zoom phone systems to each other just to make it easier for people to make calls between the two accounts and to try to not get murdered by our receptionist if they need to have two phones. 


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi austin93,


Account owners and admins can link multiple Zoom accounts together to create an organization. Once linked as an organization, these accounts will be able to search contacts, chat, meeting, and make phone calls (if eligible for Zoom Phone). If you link your accounts as an organization, account members will not need to manually add contacts from linked accounts in order to communicate with them.

Linking accounts to an organization – Zoom Support


another approach is to use speed dial.

Setting up speed dial and busy lamp field (BLF) – Zoom Support