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Link from android phone's desktop to my zoom session

I host weekly a free Zoom session among a few friends using my Windows 10 PC and the Zoom App. One user uses an Android cell phone to connect. He often fails to connect or connects but can't turn on his audio or video - even though he tries his best. He just can't work his cell phone. I am thinking that maybe I could help him by putting a link on his phone's desktop that would connect him to my Zoom session (the url link never changes and contains the embedded password.) My zoom session is set to allow users on automatically as soon as they reach the address. It would be best to assure the video and audio is on. Is that approach possible and how would I do it?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @stanhilliard ! Here's the Zoom support article about which you may find useful Hope this helps.


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