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Inconsistent Notification Behavior in Zoom Android and Windows Apps


I have encountered an issue related to the notification behavior in the Zoom Android and Windows apps, specifically when receiving calls from my team. I have set the notification preference to "Always, even if I am active on desktop," but the behavior is inconsistent.

The problem is as follows: When someone calls me in Zoom from my team, the Windows app rings, as expected. However, on my Android device, instead of ringing, I receive a notification. Ideally, in this scenario, both my phone and PC apps should ring simultaneously to ensure I don't miss important calls.

This inconsistency can be frustrating and may lead to missed calls, which is especially problematic for those who rely on Zoom for work. I need help to fix this issue. 



I am experiencing the same issues.  Instead of the phone ringing normally, it just shows a Zoom notification with no ringer.