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Inbound calls are being blocked but they are not on the blocked list.


UPDATE:  I'm an idiot and was giving out the wrong number.


Hello everyone,


I'm a relatively new Zoom Phone user.  I'm three weeks in and, all of a sudden, I'm getting reports from clients (and more importantly prospects) that their inbound calls are going directly to an automated generic message.

I don't see these calls on my call history nor do I receive the voicemails, which is business critical.


The behaviour is exactly what is described for blocked calls.


I've reviewed my Call Handling and Block List thoroughly and can't identify any issue there that might be creating the problem.  See attached screenshots.


When I test the line from my personal phone, it connects normally.  When I call from my different cell, it goes straight to the generic message without showing on my call list and I do not receive the VM.


I've submitted two tickets but but Support has not be helpful thus far.  




Ignore.  I'm an idiot and was giving out the wrong number.