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How To Add A Second 'Line' (Not Sure This Is What I Actually Need?)


Hey Zoom Community, 🙌


Newbie here to the back-end of Zoom and I need some advice PLEASE! 🙃



  • Currently, when creating events only the owner has authority to START the meeting.
    • This was a big issue when the owner did not join call as we could not start the meeting. 😮
    • We have a few admin emails added to the account but at the time, it didn't matter which we were logged into, none were able to start the meeting.



  • Someone has said we would need to add a 2nd line...
    • Is this the best (and correct) way to do this?
    • I don't need another phone number or landline connected, just the same access for control of meetings which the owner has to be given to admin.


I hope this is clear... 😅


Look forward to your comments!😎


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi tee5,


It is possible to start or join a Zoom meeting without the host present, as long as the host scheduled the meeting with specific settings configured. When scheduling a meeting, the host must disable the waiting room feature and enable the setting to allow participants to join before the host. These two settings together will allow participants to enter the meeting without the host.


Another option is to designate an alternative host when scheduling a meeting. This allows you to specify a person who can start the meeting and manage participants in the meeting, which is helpful if you don’t want to disable waiting room or allow participants to join before host.

Starting a meeting without the host present – Zoom Support


When scheduling a meeting, the host can designate another Licensed user on the same account to be the alternative host. The alternative host can start the meeting on the host's behalf. This user will receive an email notifying them that they've been added as an alternative host, with a link to start the meeting. If this email notification is disabled in the Zoom web portal, the alternative host will not receive an email to start the meeting.

Designating an alternative host – Zoom Support


thanks,  eliot