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Headset call control (Jabra2 evolve 65) not working




Evolve2 65 headset with usb jabra Bluetooth, on windows 10 zoom desktop app.


The headsets say they are zoom certified. Manual says the calls can be answered by moving down the boom or tapping the button on the outside of the earpiece.


Jabra connect app has the correct settings, and latest firmware.


Unfortunately this doesn’t work … no call control …. maybe there is jabra support but any helps or comments appreciated!


otherwise it’s a warning that zoom certified doesn’t mean call control 😞



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I have the same Win11 & Jabra Evolve2 65 and it's working fine.


Jabra Direct Firmware: 5.11.01302

Jabra Evolve2 65 Firmware: 2.6.0

Jabra Link 380 Firmware:

Zoom client software: 5.9.6(3788)


I'm able to answer by lowering the mic or if mic is lowered I can answer by the button on outside of headset.


Muting with button or raising/lowering mic works just fine as well.

Trying to find the difference which makes it working for you but not for me: do you have just ZOOM as a softphone or as well - like I Teams


Hi Brent


Interesting, thank you for your reply.


Frustratingly, however, with the LATEST zoom client software, latest firmware on both the jabra receiver and the evolve2 65, we have no call control (answer by pressing the button or lowering the boom).


We have two headsets on two PCs and tested this on both.


I have been careful to update the devices via jabra direct.


This is all very confusing, would you mind confirming this works???


we use zoom phone call queues but I can't imagine the type of zoom phone set up would affect this.



ps we are on

jabra evolve2 65 version 2.6

jabra link 1.12.4

zoom client 5.9.3

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Yes, it is working on my setup. Windows10 with the Firmwares I posted above.


Can you confirm the headset is NOT directly bluetooth to the computer? The Jabra Direct software on the computer is what does the call-control functionality.


I would recommend talking to Jabra about this as well. The Zoom software works when Jabra tells Zoom to answer, etc.

Absolutely connected to Jabra connect, both usb and connect2 devices show up on jabra connection. Never used PC Bluetooth. Headsets only arrived 2 weeks ago.


Did you get a resolution?  I've got a couple of different headsets using Jabra Link 370 and the call controls only seem to work when I install a Zoom update.  Once I reboot the computer, the call control goes away, although it works correctly in Microsoft Teams calls.

Hi! Yes we seemed to get it working  all very strange though becaue the latest update seemed to have fixed it yet the update didn't mention this in the changelog.