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Group Page/Intercom





Is anyone aware of a way to do group paging/intercom to users with only the soft phone?


I know it's possible to do at the phone level for those who have a desk phone. But what about those without a desk phone...


Thank you!



Not to my knowledge, the Zoom Phone audio intercom looks to only support 1 to 1 intercom.


I just got off a demo session with a Zoom Phone specialist and they confirmed that intercom is only available on hardware desk phones, and that it is only a one way page feature.   We are looking for a similar feature that opens up an immediate 2 way intercom between particular users (also known as force open) like we have on our current IP phones, but a feature that goes back to our old AT&T Partner system.


Intercom is available on zoom app as well, I believe that was added in recent months as I don't believe it was in the spring when we were migrating to Zoom Phone. And intercom works between app and desk phones as well, was testing that out last week. The interface on the zoom app is not the best IMO and is inconsistent with the documentation. 

But basically works as one would expect, activate it and the other end auto-answers (if not on a call or in a meeting).


But for one to many paging, must use a phone's native paging method such as Yealink and Poly have (I'm told they are interoperable but have never tested that). Or use a SIP enabled hardware paging system, Zoom supports 2 vendors of those.

Zoom also supports Singlewire Fusion for Paging groups to add to the "native" Yealink/Poly paging groups that are built into those devices and have no dependency on ZP. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @NathanLao 


We're a small office and use the Intercom feature with a Common Area desk phone for this purpose. The Intercom feature in the Zoom Desktop app is a little hidden when you want to Intercom someone, you have to hover over the row in order for the icon to appear. See attachments.


I hope that helps!