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Feature Request - ZoomPhone Salesforce Integration - Method to Auto Populate INT Exit / Entry Codes


We would like to see the Zoomphone Product and Salesforce Zoomphone integration soft-dialer improved to make it easier to dial internationally using ZoomPhone/Salesforce Click to Dial. We would to see an added method to allow auto population of International Exit / Entry Codes via the Zoomphone softphone and the SFDC integration softphone. 

Here at Addigy, our work-around at this time is to put the country entry and extra numbers directly into the Salesforce |Phone| field, but this is not a best practice as we plan to have INTL team members based in other countries (rather than the United States only as we have now) someday and these country exit numbers will be different.


I have seen this feature with other Salesforce/CTI phone integrations and I feel it would be a great addition to the Zoomphone / Salesforce CTI integration. 



I have formally submitted a feature request for this one (as Alexis suggested in another topic to use this form to do so: