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Desk phone questions (Yealink T46U) - Call Queues and Caller ID


I have a Yealink T46U that is a member of 3 different call queues. When any of those phone numbers ring, the phone does ring, however the caller ID which shows which Call Queue is being called is very slow. I have to let the phone ring for maybe 2-3 rings before I can see which line they are calling. Are there any settings that can be adjusted? It's so slow that I initially thought the Caller ID wasn't working properly.


Also, I am trying to change some dial-out settings as well. I want to have it so that, using the desk phone, someone can change the outgoing Caller ID. Right now it seems to only work though the Windows app. I have added the additional outgoing Caller ID options and can see them in the Windows or iOS app, but not on the desk phone. 


Any help is appreciated.