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Daily Limit on SMS messages?


On of my users just got this error message upon trying to send an SMS via the Zoom desktop app (same happens on phone)


I can find no reference to what the daily cap on SMS messages might be, but from my usage logs this person shouldn't come anywhere close to a cap.  They are talking with some of our contractors about filling jobs, not some sort of automated marketing campaign or anything.


The only references I can find are API rate limits but even then, I don't think they'd hit that ceiling.


I have created a ticket, but is there some setting or report I'm missing?  Thanks!



Update for folks who may have the same problem in the future:


I have been informed by a support ticket that the SMS limit is 20 to 100 texts per user per day.  That is just really low in my opinion.  There are ways to increase this limit but it involves registering your brand and detailing your "campaign" .  All of this is geared towards business to consumer communications, which I understand as per federal regulations.  However, my use case are managers texting their workers with job info.  It feels odd to have to set that up as some sort of marketing campaign. 


More details as the story unfolds...


Despite our request for an increase in the SMS count not being for marketing purposes or communication with customers, it looks like due to the regulations we still need to register a brand and an sms campaign.  It is now awaiting approval.


You can read more info about this in Zoom here 


More details when I hear back about approvals...