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Cant hear phone calls


Hi, I have a Jabra Pro 9450 Headset that I receive zoom video calls on with no issue. I do have an issue with the zoom phone calls, I can be heard but I can't hear the call recipient. We have uninstalled and reinstalled and checked all settings. A work colleague with the same Jabra headset tested his on my laptop and his worked fine. Any feedback would be appreciated. 



I hope someone helps - Open to similar issue on the forum round two months ago, I have updated all drivers, using USB Jabra connectOpen to similar issue on the forum around two months ago, have updated all drivers, using USB Jabra connect ongoing issues.

‘Our Jabra evolve2 65 headset seems to have an intermittant issue where it will disconnect from the zoom software. The software will be receiving a call and when we answer it, no one is on the other end of the headset. Also with calling out, it doesnt seem to connect at times. Turning the headset off and on seems to fix it. The headset is on charge most of the time so its definitely not a battery issue.’