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Cannot make calls from Zoom client


I recently ported a number from Google Voice.   I can make and receive calls from the mobile app -- but not the Windows Desktop client.   It gives me a 'click to call' button - but, when I click it, nothing happens.  

I can see 'contacts' -- but, when I click the button that is labeled 'call' -- nothing happens.   This is on the desktop client side of things.  

On the 'web-app', it doesn't even show that I have paid phone service through zoom. 



On Ubuntu there is no call button.

I cant see much use in this tool any,more, its become intrusive with unwanted additions that interrupt work (not that many are here to play) - I'm not interested in AI for mettings FFS!


Just return to a solid, useful tool.

You're killing it mocrosoft - SNafu


Apparently, what my desktop client needed was an update, and a restart -- after both of those, the call button appeared again, and was working correctly this time.   

I'm not impressed by how much work was required just to get set up for doing this, after porting a number over from Google Voice.  And that's just voice calling.  SMS messaging is still not completely ironed out.