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Calls on app phone keep dropping




Anyone have this issue where if they are using their zoom app on their cell phone the calls continue to drop?





Nope, have not had that problem.  Are you using cell data or wifi? And does it drop at about the same time after start of call? Or is it random?


With both Zoom and Skype I regularly get disconnected;  I thought there was some relationship with the "Display off" setting which actually seems to mean "sleep" i.e. the Android 11 phone wouldn't recognise that any process was occurring and changing it sometimes works.  I've asked on this and an Android support site and go no responses.  My other guesses are that maybe with the Battery saver at max i.e. few background processes allowed that it regards Zoom/Skype as such.  The other is that the WiFi may be dropping out for very short periods.  I'd be interested to hear if you find a solution.  The other possible factor is a faulty device; mine regularly goes to the screen with "Shut off etc. options" for no apparent reason.


I often lose the video...the call switches to audio only...when I am at my cottage in Haliburton County, about 2.5 hours north of Toronto.    I don't  know if it happens because sometimes my phone is on LTE and other times on 3G...cell service seems to switch back and forth randomly.  I asked my cell phone service supplier (Virgin) for help but they did not.  


Yes, I have been having this issue consistently. I have reached out to our company tech support and Zoom tech support with no resolution. Please let me know if you figure something out!


nope, i never use zoom on cell phone but i did one time and that never happened?

check your settings.

are you basic or pro?


Ultimate Zoomie (^.^)

We have Pro and this happens to us all the time. Several employees use the Zoom app on their phone to receive calls through their cellphone. We will answer the phone and the attendant just says the call has been disconnected and will hang up. 


Happens to our employees all the time. We use WiFi. A person can be standing directly under the access point. He will lose the call for 10 seconds then it picks back up. The ISP says there are no problems with the WiFi. This happens to more than one person. None of our hand held computers that are on the WiFi have a problem.