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Call Queue OPT-OUT Elapsed Time Report


I am managing a group of 8 people who take phone calls. I have the power pack add on added to my license to see the real-time calls waiting, handling time, members available and etc. Whenever someone has to take their lunch/break, they have to "opt-out" to not receive queue calls. 

Is there a dashboard showing the realtime number of minutes/hours elapsed when someone toggles the "receive queue calls" or like a report that shows the elapsed time when a specific member toggles the "Receive queue calls" and like how many times they toggled it in one day?

It's been bugging me for days now and I really don't know how to go around this.



I know of no easy dashboard or report for this. You can go look in the operations logs and see them. Go to Account Management/Reports /User Activity Reports/Phone System Operations Log. Then filter by Category "Extension" and you should see those events (and possibly others).


I noticed that there is now a report that gives the opt-in and opt-out times for agents, but doesn't show the amount of time a given agent was logged in for so not that helpful. Also cannot export the data in the report to CSV so not much better than looking at the Phone System Operations log.