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Bulk SMS to a List or Campaign with Zoom Phone and Salesforce Integration - is it possible?


Hi I would like to know if I can send a bulk SMS with Zoom Phone - Salesforce Integration, to a list of leads or contacts in Salesforce upto 100-200 records at a time? This is very important to us as we do a lot of SMS campaigns via Salesforce.  I have already reached out to Zoom Sales and they could not answer this, after 60 minutes waiting on the phone!
Currently I use 360SMS app for all bulk SMS via Salesforce and Aircall for all calls on Salesforce. I would like to streamline and use 1 App (Zoom Phone) for all my calls and SMS. 

Please advise. 


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi bossortho,


please see a recent zoom support article.

SMS/MMS 10DLC Compliance for Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center – Zoom Support


thanks,  eliot


During our Zoom Contact Center demo I asked this same question.  Zoom is working on this but it doesn't exist right now.  We also use 360SMS for bulk campaigns and want to move our texting in bulk or based on flows and actions via Zoom rather that 360SMS.  I was informed it's being worked on but does not currently exist.  


Eliot's reply is how to register 10DLC but isn't the answer to your question. 


The 10DLC is a base requirement for ANY SMS usage, single or bulk. other than for your org contacts (which you normally just Team chat too anyway). The docs say somewhere you can do up to 10, but I havent tried it yet