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Anonymous inbound calling


We have a Voicemailbox for compliance, and we can't capture any data that could be tied to an employee.  Is there a way to have a VM box not capture the who called #..  or anyway to mask it only for the one number?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @RickCH 

I haven't seen that feature in Zoom Phone; I know something exist on Zoom Meetings where you can mask the phone number of the callers but that won't help you here.

In any case, if the Caller ID is present when making the call, there will be always somehow/somewhere a way to  check or trace the number (Call Logs, etc.) if the don't hide it from directly from their phone (the source) so I recommend always the user (for these situations) to hide their Caller ID directly from the Mobile Phones before making the call.


Maybe somebody else in the community might have a better answer to propose.



Thanks for the Reply Vinnie,  Does not seem like the community knows.  Ill open a ticket with Zoom and see if there is any options.