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10DLC Registration / Non Usage -- Possible charges?


Hello all,


I have a single Zoom Phone line that I use for my small, one-man show side LLC. In my day job, I have 40 users on RingCentral/AT&T Office at Hand. I'm working on the 10DLC / TCR registration for both entities.


In working with RingCentral, I noticed that registration fees, campaign fees, violations for non-usage, etc. are all billable events.


With Zoom Phone, I don't see any mention of charges, and it looks like Zoom will proactively delete any campaigns without phone numbers assigned after 60 days so that there are no charges?


Am I missing something? If not, Zooms process / lack of little add-ons seems much smoother, but I wanted to make sure I'm not missing something! If there's the risk of 10DLC/SMS charges coming in the future, I'll likely just disable Zoom Phone SMS to avoid possible issues. I'm not a volume texter, and my closest clients have my personal cell anyway if a text is needed.


Thanks for the input!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @michaelryan55 


Setting up campaigns and such are not billable on Zoom. (I’m surprised Ring Central is doing that!).


I too am a small business with a couple of numbers (but only me, with one IVR to weed out junk calls, and a direct line for clients to use). So far, no issues with just setting up a campaign and putting my numbers on them. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Awesome, good to know! RingCentral has a few schedule posted but so everything says $0 online. Haven’t received a statement from them since prior to campaign enrollment, though!