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10DLC Compliance (Why?)


So I got the email about our SMS may have issues if we don't create a campaign. I'm not sure how much of this is something Zoom can do.


I was trying to create the campaign and the whole thing, 100%, is based off of the 10DLC Compliance assumes everyone that uses an app to sms is a marketer or something that notifies.


Our company's employees just use the SMS feature to text volunteers so they don't have to use their personal number. It is really dumb that these will need to have the respond with "STOP" on all the messages?

Is their a way to fill out a campaign just for this type of SMS usage. We don't send anything automated out. Everything sent is from a's like "Hey, I'm stopping by to pick up those signs." 


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

The short answer is there is nothing you can do about it so just follow the instructions. FWIW Zoom makes it easier than anyone else I have seen so far. 

My understanding of the reasoning is because wireless carriers will be held liable and are enabled to levy large fines to VOIP providers like Zoom. 

if Zoom didn’t let you register these campaigns then you would have to figure out how to do it all yourself and find yourself personally liable for potentially large fines 

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Just to follow up-  if you have a very large organization and/or think you have reason for exemption like being public school or sending emergency messages reach out to your account rep. 

also, Zoom is thankfully not charging us for this as some other voice providers are. 

We are supposed to be "Thankful" for this? I hope you are not serious. What i am thankful for is that with current versions of mobile phones it relatively easy to add a second number for my business (which by the way was my entire use case for Zoom Phone). Dropping Zoom phone will lower my cost to Zoom and i can use that savings to pay for the second line from my carrier. That is what I am thankful for.



Do we actually have to include "reply stop" on every text? I run a small, two-person company and treat my Zoom number like my cell number. I get personal texts, 2FA, and other messages here. I don't want to include "reply stop to cancel" when I text my wife that I'm heading to pick up the kids. How strictly will this be enforced? 

Honestly, if this truly is the case, I think I'll have to migrate my phone number off Zoom and to a second Verizon phone. This would break my use case for Zoom phone.

In the same boat here. I'll will just have to turn off sms because adding the reply stop will be annoying enough so telling people to not use Zoom sms is better.

I'm not blaming Zoom here but it doesn't seem like the phone companies put much thought into this. Why can't we just fill in a Brand and Campaign where the campaign is a mixed use low volume with no reply STOP?

Can't they just fine the people that incorrectly fill out there campaign and do mixed low use but actually send 1000's a day?


Has anyone figured out the right magic incantation to put in the forms to allow this use case? The forms are horrifically confusing how to fill them out if you're using it just like you would a second physical phone.


I tried filling it out with that explanation, but I was rejected.