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where do I see who has registered for the upcoming webinar?


Can't find the list of those who have registered ? Where do I see who has registered for our upcoming webinar? Thx




I'm Pizzaluver28 and I will gladly assist you today. 

To view your registrants, please follow the steps listed below. 

1. Go to your zoom web portal. 

2. Click on your webinars tab. 

3. Click on the webinar that you would like to view the registrants for. 

4. Click meeting information. 

5. Click view registrants and attendies under registration. 

Hope this helped. 

Best: Pizzalover28. 



Thank you for the steps. The steps work up until step 4. I don’t see “meeting information” to click on. How is that possible? what can I do?


Thanks again!


The meeting information page should be the page you see when you click on the webinar that you want to view registrants for.

Does it matter if it's a meeting or a webinar? Zoom differentiates between the two.


Can't see it for me

Did what you said and like someone else, I can't see the "meeting information" you reference in #4. This is the SINGLE most important element to those of us trying to make money. Is it REALLY this difficult to find out how many people are registered??? Come on now!

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

What if you dont see webinar? i set up a zoom meeting and I want to see who registered