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sharing screen with no sound


Hi there,

I am having trouble with Zoom app on my new pc, I bought this new Zenbook (Asus) pc, once I started to have Zoom Meeting, I have trouble with sharing screen sound, my friends can see i share Youtube video but with no sound at all, plus if I hold my phone to play music, they also cant hear the sound from my phone. Anyone knows how to solve this problem? I have zoom meeting on regular basis, its kinda sucks if I cant sharing screen with no sound. I wonder if its my new pc problem or zoom itself problem. I had no problem with my old pc before.

I look forward to hear from others support. thanks.



I also have the same problem 

my problem saved eventually. its the new pc function, which is called 'Al sound cancelling'. if you click uncancelling, it will back to normal zoom now. hope that helps.