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Does anyone know why? When I want to add text to a video, that the recorded video I am looking at is on speaker format and after downloading it to my computer, it shows up in Gallery format, which is not what I require. Could someone please explain h...

on zoom recordings and live webinar

I have a question I am putting in 5 courses today. I assume I give the live presentation on the date I gave, now I have cloud recordings so I should not have to give that class over and over for 50 days correct people can watch the recordings once I ...

Zoom -> Incident Intelligence Integration

Hi, I want to integrate Zoom into the new Splunk Incident Intelligence product to allow our teams to create a zoom call when we create an incident but I'm not finding much information on how to integrate it. I've gone to the Zoom marketplace but it l...

Mayo51 by Listener
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my image is reversed in Zoom. I can't figure out how to fix it 

Lyson by Listener
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Missing a recording

I recorded a meeting yesterday but I can't remember if I recorded it locally or to the cloud. Either way, I don't see it in my recordings list. Does anyone know how I can confirm that I recorded it. After the meeting was over I saw a message saying i...


Hi, I need to store my recordings directly on youtube without having to download them and then upload them. How can I do this?

karimjd by Listener
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