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  • October 3-4, 2023

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What is OnZoom?

Host and attend virtual events and experiences through OnZoom, Zoom's online event platform and marketplace. Explore the Community's Recent Activity below to join the OnZoom conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our OnZoom support articles or start a new discussion below!

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How lengthy can a zoom assembly closing besides a host?

A assembly commenced besides the host existing is nonetheless restrained with the aid of the authentic host's time limit, in this case that being 30 hours. Learn greater in Rso for liver about scheduling this site that about of download a assembly wi...

Zoom account

I bought a yearly subscription to Zoom Pro. Zoom sent me an email to confirm my payment. There was a 'Sign In' button on the email, so I clicked on it but it opened a free basic account. I tried to connect in different ways but I only get the basic a...


I have received an email from Zoom saying that I have changed my password but when I try to use it it is not accepted. What can I do ?

Transpcripted Call

Is there's a way that when we are using zoom, the call is also being transcripted at the same time?

Jha1 by Listener
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I5 Quad core Vs I7

I upgraded to a I7 laptop in june 2020 to get full use of video and 48 participants It crapped out Does an I5 quad care support virtual background and beta PPT and 48 paricipants now or do i have to still buy an I7?

Sharing video youtube is slow. Any idea ? thanks !

I have no problem of video and audio with zoom but when i share my screen to show youtube videos on the internet, the videos are slow.I don't have any audio issue with the youtube videos, only the video quality is not good for the people watching it ...